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You know when you say a word over and over again, and suddenly it stops sounding like a real word? I’m starting to feel that way about the concept of gender.


The Unforgiveable Bumper Sticker

I see a lot of a lot of Christian bumper stickers. Most of them are just an expression of identity, like the fish outline. Some of them have political messages that I find obnoxious, like “Keep the Christ in Christmas.” Despite the fact that I don’t like the latter, I’m also glad to see them, because they are expressions of free speech.

Then there’s the Calvin praying in front of a cross. There is no message, no expression of anything beyond “I like Calvin and Hobbes and also I’m a Christian and I have given no thought whatsoever to the way I’m appropriating a secular image of a character beloved by people of all religions and non-religions, and also using the artwork of someone who is very deeply anti-merchandising.” It’s so many levels of wrong, I have no response except for rage and venom.