A Bit of Nano Encouragement

There are these times, when you know that sometime before bed you have to write, and you just know you have nothing to say. You try to think of ways out. There are chores and other things to do. Maybe you should go back to the drawing board and figure out your whole story from scratch. Or maybe skip the scene that you don’t know what to do with and go try something else. The writing time is something to be feared, because you are just certain that big gap in your mind will never be filled with actual words.

Then there are these times when, after a long afternoon of thinking that way, you actually sit down to write. You put some words down. They don’t feel very good, you think, maybe correctly and maybe not. But at least you can tell yourself that you didn’t avoid writing, you actually sat down and did something and if they didn’t turn out that well, that’s not your fault. You showed up and the damn story wouldn’t cooperate. Feeling a little better, you put some more words down. And a few more after that.

Then, you start to see how the scene goes. The next beat comes, and you write it, then the next, then a flood of upcoming moments and you have to tapdance on the keyboard to keep up with them all. You see how this scene grew from all the others before and watch as it sends off roots to sprout future scenes. It’s one of those times that writing is an almost transcendent experience, like your story is some primal, animate thing that needed to exist and is just channeling you to create it.

Then you remember. This happens. Fairly often, in fact. You’ve had them before, and you’ll have plenty of them again. So keep sitting down and writing, because you never know. The next one of these moments could come any time.

So yeah, I just had one of those moments. It was really cool. I’m behind but catching up steadily. Good luck to you all!


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