Review: Through the Woods, by Emily Carroll

Up until now, my reviews have mostly been focused less on making a recommendation, more on analyzing a story; making them into case studies for life or writing or my never ending search to understand how exactly themes work. But I’ve been wanting to change that and add in some quick fire reviews.

I also came across this awesome list of horror YA, all written by women, on Book Riot. I immediately wanted to read them all and also thought it would make a great October project. So through October and November, I’ll be challenging myself to read as many as I can, and reviewing them when I’m done. This should hopefully keep my posts up through NaNoWriMo as well.

Here I go!


What it’s about: A graphic novel, featuring ghosts and monsters in six bite sized spooky fairy tales.

Praise: This is my favorite kind of scary. It relies on suspense and atmosphere, waiting for the tension to rise then following through with catastrophe fulfills on its promises. Embedded in the horror is a childlike curiosity and wonder. This book made me feel like a baby mouse in his nest, watching a panther stalk a doe in the moonlight.

The art is agonizingly beautiful. I love the way she uses color. Pages are soaked in shadows and etched with light, with blues, reds and greens added with strategic precision. She proves that comics are not a cheap storytelling form, where events are pictured instead of described. Her panels also show emotions, and foreshadowing, and subtle motifs that you can easily miss on the first read.

All the more reason to buy it and read it again.

Criticism: There are only six stories. That number should be larger.

Recommended? Indubitably


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