This One Summer, by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki

This One Summer

  • Genre
    • Graphic Novel, Young Adult, Coming of Age, Literary
  • Plot Summary
    • Rose Wallace spends the summer at her family’s favorite beach, while her parents struggle to get over a year of tragedy. 
  • Character Empathy
    • I love how Jillian Tamaki draws the expressions. They are incredibly subtle, especially for a graphic novel. If most comics characters are dancers in a Broadway musical, this is that underrated actor who communicates an entire mood with one twitching jaw muscle. The effect is immersive and effective.
  • Tone: What’s it Like to Read This Book?
    • The story is a strange mixture of sweet and suspenseful. Rose and her friend Windy are on the brink of growing up, but aren’t quite ready to yet. They want to enjoy one more summer of childhood, yet events around them keep threatening to shatter their innocence. As they peek in, then pull away, you’re simultaneously curious at what they’ve missed, and relieved that they have avoided it.
  • Other Shiny Stuff
    • This is one of those rare books that perfectly captured what it was like to be a kid in the summer. I think it’s the things the girls did that seemed almost boring; lounging on the couch, picking up pebbles, digging massive holes, debating whether to go swimming or rent a movie or pick up ice cream without really caring. Part of the fun of summer is that nothing you do is too important, so you just do whatever you feel like. Often that something is nothing at all.
    • I loved the way the characters were drawn. I saw bodies that you see every day in real life, but almost never in art or fiction. I especially liked Windy’s squashy pear shape. I don’t know why; I think she reminded me of a friend I once had.
  • Content Warnings
    • Not really applicable; most of the adult content is hinted at, rather than depicted outright.
  • Quotes

God, man, just look at the pictures in this one.

Summer 4Summer 1Summer 3Summer 2


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