Furthermore, by Tahereh Mafi


What It’s About

Alice is a young girl, born colorless in a land where color and magic are intimately interwoven. But that doesn’t mean she can’t go on a quest to the mysterious and unpredictable country of Furthermore, with her equally mysterious and unpredictable friend Oliver.

Why I Think You’d Like It

Did you like Alice in Wonderland? The Phantom Tollbooth? The Wizard of Oz? Do you wish for more stories of dangerous adventures in beautifully bizarre otherworlds? Do you want them to be funny, heartfelt, and have little asides from the author? The kind where she admits that her characters are about to do something stupid and get into serious trouble, and you go, “noooo, I love these immature little shits, what are you doing????” because you do, you really love them? Do you like it when they grow, but not in a stupid forced aesop way, just in that natural way, where little kids get some stupid out of their system, and it gets them a little closer to being an adult? But not too close, because this is still a kids book? By which I mean a book appropriate for kids but also a delightful return to fantasy and wonder for adults?

Read Furthermore. It has all of that, plus origami foxes.

Content Warnings

Only mildly scary in a fantasy adventure way. You’ll be fine


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