Hi, I’m Lane William Brown, geek, overthinker and aspiring author. I write reviews, but not of the usual sort. Instead of telling you what I enjoyed and what you should go read or see, I talk about the ideas in stories, and leave it up to you whether you want to see them for yourself or not.

I’ve also branched out into talking about politics and social justice. Previously, I posted these kinds of thoughts on the blog I shared with my sister, Ginny Brown, but we’ve both found it easier to focus on our own projects of late. You should check out her work on Everyday Feminism. 

I was homeschooled in a very conservative Christian household, where Christian media predominated and many secular works were outright banned. My parents assumed that reading the wrong books and watching the wrong movies would take me to hell. Despite this censorship, I ended up a liberal gay transgender agnostic (formerly atheist), which is as far from what my parents wanted as possible. No, we aren’t on the best of terms, though things are improving slowly. Still, I think they were right about one thing; the stories I consumed shaped who I was. C. S. Lewis’ love of rationality made me a skeptic, while Veggie Tales gave me a lot of moral values that I still hold as an atheist. As I grew older, I became dissatisfied with my life and began reading banned books to look for more answers, and those books, too, helped make me who I am.

One of my favorite projects is the Reviews as an Agnostic series. I go back to the stories I loved as a child, and the ones I was permitted when Harry Potter and Pokemon were banned, to examine what I learned from them. I also review some of the stories that I was not allowed to consume. It’s a time to sift through what I think was right, what I think was wrong, and what is simply not for me anymore. It’s a place to retrace my steps out of that prison of censorship and extremism. I try to tread a line between respect towards those who disagree with me and blunt honesty about my own ideas, so hopefully those from secular and religious backgrounds will find something of interest here.

Thanks for reading, please leave your own thoughts and enjoy!


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  1. Hey, Lane! Don’t know if you remember me from our ASL Interpreter classes (homeschooling mom of 4), but since I met you (way back when) I’ve viewed you as a very interesting person. So much depth in your spirit! I really enjoy reading your blog! You make quite erudite observations. My oldest is 19 now and he used to watch veggie tales too. Although he is now an atheist as well, I believe those stories positively influenced his moral compass.

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    1. I do remember you! So good to hear from you. I hope you’re doing well.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts. Rewatching Veggie Tales has been so much fun; I’m sad I’m almost at the end of them. For the most part I do think they taught me good things, even if I don’t agree with the religious aspects anymore.


  2. Hello! I really enjoyed reading your analysis of Lewis’ book. I disagreed with several of your arguments but love reading conflicting viewpoints. Would you consider doing a similar review of The Problem of Pain by the same author? It is one of my favorite books by Lewis and would enjoy reading an atheist/agnostic’s take on it. (Also so sorry Harry Potter was banned… go Ravenclaw 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! I always hope people will get something out of my reviews, even if they’re coming from a different perspective, so that’s great to hear. I definitely want to review The Problem of Pain. I hope to get through most if not all of Lewis’ works. Maybe that will be next once I finish Adventures in Odyssey!


  3. Hi Lane – I just wanted to say that I’m reading through your AIO and Veggie Tales reviews and I’m so glad someone beat me to doing them myself, haha. It sounds like we had very similar childhoods (homeschooled evangelical in the 90’s, now atheist). Just wanted to say I love what I’ve seen of your blog so far and it’s nice to have some solidarity.

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  4. I found your blog because I was thinking about how the most impressive thing about Whit’s computers is the voice recognition being that good, which got me thinking about Applesauce, and why the heck Whit even had it at Whit’s End in the first place. Digging into it a bit more (trying to remember what the heck Applesauce exactly did) led me here.

    Are you on social media (FB, Twitter, etc)? I was raised with a similar background and would love the opportunity to chat with you.

    Full disclosure: I am (hopefully) a few months away from being a pastor, but not the kind you and I grew up with. I blog at davidmschell.com, which you can check out to verify that this isn’t part of some subtle agenda to rechristianize you. Anyway, if you get there, you can follow it through to my Facebook writer page and send me a message.

    Also I’m wondering if you’ve heard some of the newer ones, like that really wild program where Connie’s friend gets conned by a college professor because he doesn’t believe in God and therefore doesn’t have a moral compass because he’s a godless atheist.

    That one was a real train wreck, amplified only by 81% of white evangelical Christians supporting a serial liar and sexual assaulter because, I dunno, he validated their wrongheaded sense of being persecuted and promised to install an anti-abortion supreme court justice, I guess?.

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    1. Hi David! Thanks so much for your comment. I would love to chat with you. I’m kind of a social media hermit; all I have is this blog, my email and my Tumblr (lanewilliam.tumblr.com) I went to your site and tried sending a message so you would have my email, but for some reason it didn’t go through. I’ll try again a little later, perhaps.

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