This is my experiment in creating a public domain American saga. As I finish stories, I will make a complete, self-published version available for purchase. I’ll also license the work under a creative commons license, so people can create their own spin-offs, adaptations, fanart and whatever other derivations they want to make.

These stories take place in a universe that is mostly like ours. Some people have superpowers. Some people use those powers to exploit people. Some people use those superpowers to fly around and fight crime in elaborate costumes. Most just use them to impress friends at parties, while they go about their ordinary lives. It uses superhero tropes to explore our inner gifts, how we learn to use them, and what happens when we neglect them.

My first series, Chamomile Girl, is about a girl whose empathic abilities make her a non-combative misfit in her vigilante family. Initially I was posting chapters as I finished them. I’m now experimenting with publishing a short story on the first of every month. (For more details on why I changed the system, or a look at my first attempt, see this post)

Chamomile Girl 

  • February 1st: “I’m the One Who is Me”
  • March 1st: “Madame Corvid’s Magickal Supplies, part one”
  • April 1st: “Madame Corvid’s Magickal Supplies, part two”
  • May 1st: “I’m the One Who is Us”

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