Recommendations for Diverse Books

Over the past few years, I’ve been trying to expand my base of authors. For most of my book loving life, most of the books recommended to me have been written by highly privileged people. Those recommendations came because the people who gave me books were themselves mostly given books by highly privileged people, because those were the books given to the people who recommended books to the people who recommended books to me, because those were in turn the books given to them… the cycle of exclusive recommendations needs to end.

I’ve been helped by people who created lists of recommended authors, posted reviews on social media, or given me personalized recommendations. Sometimes I’ve even found great books just by picking them off the shelves and giving them a try, knowing nothing beyond what’s on the dust jacket.

In October 2016, I reviewed some horror YA written by women. It turned out to be fun, so I kept reviewing marginalized authors. I’ve tweaked my format a lot over the past year, and now I think I’ve found one that works well for me.

There are no negative reviews here. If I try a book and don’t care for it, I’ll just move on to another one. There are only two rules for inclusion; the author must be marginalized in some way, and I must have enjoyed the book. Otherwise, it can be fiction or non, for children or adults, poetry or prose, realistic or speculative, classic or modern, and anything else I can find.

Happy reading!

Arranged alphabetically by author’s last name, anthologies by editor’s last name


*Uses old review format

**Uses really old review format