For the record, I’m currently a witch. For lack of a better word.

Before I was a witch, I was an atheist, and before that I was a conservative Evangelical Christian. I was raised that way, right down to being homeschooled to keep me out of the secular world’s influence. Part of that was not being separated from most entertainment that was popular with kids my age. No popular music – it was full of sex and violence, which just glamorized sin. No TV – thanks to the liberal agenda, it was jam packed with evolution and other anti-religious messages, which could lead to atheism. Definitely no Harry Potter. It could lead to witchcraft.

Well, they weren’t entirely wrong in their predictions.

Anyway, since my parents weren’t alone in this particular lifestyle, there was a massive market for Christian-themed pop culture. That was what made up the bulk of my childhood. As an adult I got into most of the things I had missed, and I enjoyed them, but it was too late for things like Harry Potter and the Animaniacs to have nostalgic appeal. My childhood memories would always be associated with a world I no longer belonged to.

After I had been an atheist for a little while, I decided to review one of my favorite books; The Screwtape Letters, by C. S. Lewis. It let me discover if it still had anything to offer in my new life, while giving me a space to process any more complicated thoughts or feelings that were brought up. This worked so well that I went on to use the same process with two other big parts of my childhood; the TV show VeggieTales and the radio drama Adventures in Odyssey.

Midway through the Adventures in Odyssey reviews, I started re-evaluating my beliefs. You can read that story here.  In the meantime, these reviews were still an essential part of my life, and if you read them, I hope you get something good out of them.

Thank you for reading!

Adventures in Odyssey

Reboot Announcement

The Screwtape Letters

Veggie Tales

Holiday Specials

Other Reviews

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