Welcome! You have come to this blog during an awkward transitional stage. A couple of years ago, this blog was a mixture of reviews, political commentary and thoughts on my ever-evolving spirituality. I lost interest in some topics that used to dominate this blog and I’ve been experimenting with new topics. Hopefully at some point this will be more focused and streamlined, but for now it is fairly messy.

I started this blog in 2011, when I had just come out of the closet as a queer transmasculine person. It has been a personal journal, a place for writing about writing and a site for reviews, but above all it has been my place to grow as a human being and a writer.

I was raised in a homeschooling family. My parents were far-right Evangelical fundamentalists, and when I came out they cut off my education, kicked me out of their house and uninvited me to any future family gatherings. We have since reconnected and been working to rebuild our relationship.

I began work as a special education assistant teacher with the public schools. I had the good fortune of starting my career in a district that emphasized quality training from a diverse number of sources. It was also a diverse community, where I could develop relationships with people from different races, ethnicities and religious beliefs. I learned so much about living in a diverse, complex world, and the way human goodness can spring from a variety of spiritual, political and cultural beliefs. Many teachers became mentors, in big ways and small, and in addition to teaching me how to work with children they showed me how to re-parent myself. One helped me overcome my fears of seeking medical help for my anxiety. Another introduced me to the person who became my best friend. Together, they gave me a sense of purpose and community.

For several years, I was an atheist, largely because I didn’t know what to believe after losing faith in the religion I was raised in. A few years ago, I started feeling like reconnecting with something I’m comfortable calling “God,” (although it’s very different from the thing I was raised to believe in). I don’t regret my period of atheism; I don’t think it made me a bad person, and I don’t think anybody can ever be completely sure what “God” is or if it exists. It’s just not an accurate word for me anymore. Sometimes I use the old “spiritual but not religious,” and when I feel like belonging to a specific community, I identify as a witch.

I met my partner, Grant, in 2014. His family immediately welcomed me as one of their own. We eventually moved together to Philadelphia in 2018, and then again to Portland, OR in 2020. In 2021 we had a commitment ceremony .

Thank you for checking out my blog, and I hope you enjoy what you read!