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I’ve had this blog for over a decade, and I’ve evolved over that time. When I started this blog, I had just come out as trans and been cut off by my Evangelical conservative homeschooling family. I went through what I’m now calling “the atheist detox” – essentially a period of not believing in anything to see if I could cope. All my life I had been Christian, and I felt like God had abandoned me, and it was easier to believe that every spiritual experience I’d ever had was an illusion.

Being an atheist was a lot better than I had been lead to believe. Instead of being cynical and hopeless, I focused on humanist philosophy and the mysteries of science. I also studied other religious beliefs and concepts of God with a freedom that was never possible when I was a Christian. Personally, I came to hate the New Atheist movement, because it took some fair criticisms of religious extremists and projected them onto everyone who wasn’t a staunch materialist. I don’t like simplistic worldviews, period. That said, not every atheist was like that and many helped me along my journey.

At the end of this journey, though, I did regain a sort of witchy neo-pagan spirituality. I felt compelled to write about this at first, because I had created a blog that was all about religion. This lead to a massive writer’s block, and in the end I had to acknowledge that my spirituality now felt like a private thing that I don’t want to build a brand around. So I waited until I had some new ideas for topics to write about, and deleted most of my old posts, mostly because of that whole “branding yourself as a writer” thing.

The one remnant from that period of my writing life is this series I did on VeggieTales. I just couldn’t delete these. The series was so cute and this series was genuinely healing to write, and I love it too much. So here it is, a relic of an old time for you to enjoy.

Thank you for reading!

Veggie Tales

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