I was raised a conservative Evangelical homeschooled Christian. My parents and church elders believed the best way to keep my little mind pure was to shelter me from all pop culture, and replace it with Christian alternatives. I grew up to be an atheist, and later a neopagan witch. Throughout my post-Christian journey, I have enjoyed returning to the Christian pop culture of my childhood, to sort out the good from the bad, and occasionally to have a good laugh.

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Adventures in Odyssey

I started reviewing this series once before. There were two problems. First, I was reviewing it as an atheist, like VeggieTales and The Screwtape Letters, but I was starting to feel that I wasn’t quite an atheist anymore. Second, looking at it from a religious framework made it hard to point out the things that bothered me most.

I took a break, and when I came back I realized that I really wanted to write about these from the perspective of an educator and childcare worker. I’ve worked as a teacher’s assistant in a variety of settings for the past eight years, and I’ve also lived under the kind of discipline philosophy that Focus on the Family advocates. I have a lot to say here. I won’t be reviewing every episode; just the ones that illustrate something worth considering when it comes to how we raise and educate kids, with a special view towards how we handle moral and behavioral issues. It’s a challenging topic that I think needs far more attention right now, and I hope you enjoy my take on it.

The Screwtape Letters

Reviews as a Witchy Spiritual-type Person

Reviews as an Atheist (an older series)

Veggie Tales

Holiday Specials

Other Reviews

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